350 YELLOW CROMOXYL SR Acid Yellow 151 6 - 7
480 YELLOW CROMOXYL W5RL Acid Yellow 204 6 - 7
2222 ORANGE CROMOXYL SR Acid Orange 139 7
550 RED CROMOXYL WR Acid Red 362 6 - 7
650 BORDEAUX CROMOXYL SB Acid Violet 90 6 - 7
855 BLUE CROMOXYL WB Acid blue 193 6 - 7
810 BROWN CROMOXYL SG Acid Brown 402 6 - 7
755 BLACK CROMOXYL BBS Acid Black 164 7
756 BLACK CROMOXYL WB Acid Black 194 7


The CROMOXYL® series of colourings is made up of a selection of type 1:2 sulphonated premetallized colourings, especially suited for dyeing wood.
Their features are :

- Easy to use
- High lightfastness
- Good surface penetration
- Good compatibility with normally employed additives

THE CROMOXYL® colourings have good stability with peroxide-based varnishes. Since this property is strongly affected by the type of varnish and the operating conditions, it is advisable to carry out tests in order to ascertain the suitability of the product.
If dying wood that has been bleached with hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydrosulphite, sodium hypochlorite, etc. , it is advisable to wash the item carefully before applying the dye.
The usage pH can go from 5 to 9. The presence of ammonia can slightly change the colour hue, which in any case will remain stable over time.

Available forms :

- Concentrated aqueous solution coding /L
- Concentrated solution in a solvent mixture coding /LD or /LND
- Powder/granules with a low content of Inorganic Salts (< 1%) coding /C

The CROMOXYL® colourings are used in wood dyeing with water-based, glycol ether-based and ketone-based solutions and various blends of these solutions.
The presence of organic solvents, besides speeding up the drying process, increases the brightness of the colour.
THE CROMOXYL® products with a /C coding are marked by a high concentration of dye and a low content of inorganic salts and insoluble substances. They can be easily blended with the organic solvents listed above and then applied: by immersion, with a brush, with a wad, by spraying or printing.